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My origin story

Sorry, been very busy, and just got around to watching this myself, even though it’s been online for a while. If you’ve ever wondered how I got my job at GamePro, this collection of videos contains the story. Kat is … Continue reading

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Netbook GET!

Ever the gadget girl, Kat spotted a deal on recently — an EEE PC 900A for just $170. I’ve been complaining about my discomfort writing on airplanes during my frequent biz trips; I like working in the air, and … Continue reading

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How not to sell me a guitar

Since I have no good guitar store near me on the Peninsula (no, B Street does not count), going to Guitar Center is always something of a treat. I was visiting friends in the East Bay on Saturday, and those … Continue reading

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PUZZLE: Sinister Digits

I wrote this some time ago for Perplex City, but it didn’t get picked (a few of my others did, but then season 2 went on indefinite hiatus). So far nobody’s gotten it without help or a hint. If you … Continue reading

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Supergroups for summer

Looking at the albums and tours of the summer, there’s not much that interests me, I’m afraid. Spinal Tap releases a new album this coming Tuesday, which is not just the musical highlight of my summer but possibly of my … Continue reading

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The L4D2 boycott

A group of more than 10,000 Left 4 Dead players is organizing a boycott of the just-announced Left 4 Dead 2. Are you kidding me? Please tell me you’re kidding me. Because those reasons are pure comedy. Just like I … Continue reading

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Palette-Swap success, internet style

Last Friday Palette-Swap Ninja released a new song, “Learn to Spell.” It’s a parody of All-American Rejects’ “Gives You Hell” and it’s about people who post on gaming forums with limited verbal capacities. I was really busy and forgot to … Continue reading

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