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On gaming with dead goats

You know, I’ve said that I just don’t understand Sony’s approach to things lately. Lots of their decisions, both business and creative, have come under fire, and it’s fair to say that it’s been a case of kicking Sony when … Continue reading

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Someone broke our highway

Gas truck went boom early this morning, leaving in its wake a collapsed highway and massive incovenience in the already traffic-snarled Bay Area. Thankfully nobody was killed, but there’s a reason they call it the MacArthur Maze to begin with.

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Interesting week at work

And by interesting I mean kinda bad. Layoffs are never good news, and Future US had to tighten its belt this week. It was a wholesale house-cleaning in the music department in NYC, unfortunately (dammit, Guitar One was much improved), … Continue reading

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EVH…clean and sober

Or so it would appear. They wasted no time getting him back in the public eye, but hell…he looks good. He looks like a rock star who’s been through a lot, looks a bit leathery…but good. So…now what? Where did … Continue reading

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July I’m Gonna Rock Ya July

Maybe we’re not going to Hell. Maybe there is a sign of hope in the universe. Spinal Tap is getting back together for charity.

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Duelin’ Firemen lives!

I have spent a good deal of my career poking around for info about a never-released FMV game for 3DO called Duelin’ Firemen. I wrote about it as vaporware for GamePro and was told by the developers that it would … Continue reading

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This laptop’s gotta go

I swapped laptops with a friend because my old Dell was dying, and she was more of a Mac person. The new hardware works fine…but not for me. It’s heavy as hell (7.5 pounds), eats up battery life like nobody’s … Continue reading

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Road trip

Gonna be out of contact for a few days, to anyone who might be curious. Going on a trip for a story; it’s gonna be interesting and I’ve never done anything quite like this…and it’s not even my story, really. … Continue reading

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Things Guitar Hero II has taught me

If you’re looking to score some Achievements, you will not earn them by playing “Woman” on Hard. 94% is good enough for five stars and nobody needs to know. When people on your Friends list make a point of telling … Continue reading

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Random Updates for April

For those of you who know us but haven’t been around us lately: Kat is learning to play piano, very quickly. Her teacher says she’s literally the quickest study he’s had in several decades. She has the benefit of being … Continue reading

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