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I’m happy to once again post the out-of-context comments of Bissy Eddy, wife of Andy and deep thinker in her own right. Every so often Bissy says something that makes sense in her head, but not in anyone else’s ears–such … Continue reading

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Condemned at last

My pal Greg gave me a spare copy of Condemned: Criminal Origins when the Xbox 360 came out. I just finished it. I may have soiled myself. I’ll have to check. Short version: Think about Seven or the big ending … Continue reading

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Hurry Holidays

Aside from the real-world magazine work that I could do over the break (both deadline oriented and optional-but-a-good-idea), I set myself several goals over the Christmas holiday. Most are fairly modest and don’t sound like work: Catch up on that … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve with the DINKs

How do double-income, no-kids families spend Christmas Eve when their shopping’s all done? – Go to Fry’s, which Andy once perfectly described as “the nerd supermarket.” It’s on our way to a destination a little later on in the day, … Continue reading

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PC makeover

Kat inherited my old PC (Athlon XP 2100+) when I upgraded about 18 months ago. It ain’t much to look at: It was built on the cheap (this Antec was the least expensive case I could find that wasn’t beige), … Continue reading

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Kat’s Movie Reviews: “Step Up”

First in a maybe series, Kat’s one-line reviews of her Netflix queue. Today’s victim: Step Up. “There was nothing in that movie that wasn’t horrible.” Thank you and good night.

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Why Guitar Player isn’t cool

To me, the answer is Editor-in-Chief Michael Molenda. I grew up learning to play guitar from magazines. Most of the magazines had sheet music in them–the “put your fingers on this number fret” guitar shorthand known as tablature–and most of … Continue reading

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Psycho 360…and puglilism!

Microsoft released a new backward compatibility update today, adding support for a boatload of excellent Xbox games that will now run on Xbox 360. Three of my favorite fighting games–DOA Ultimate, Soul Calibur II, and MK Armageddon–and the oft-cited Psychonauts … Continue reading

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Open letter to Gears of War players

Hey, guys. Use the microphone. It’s a ranked match. We all work together, we all go up in rank. The smart teams communicate. The stupid teams are the ones I’m on. You are not tougher or cooler or enigmatic because … Continue reading

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Life’s little challenges

At the moment, that includes wiping my C drive and reinstalling everything. Honestly, that’s what I get for “fixing” my registry and not having a backup. You’d think I’d learn.

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