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Baseball is gay

And I don’t mean it as an insult. The first thing that happened when my boyhood heroes the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series was that all the guys dived on each other in a big horizontal pile-on, while the … Continue reading

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Who’s scruffy-lookin’?

If you missed Nerf Herder’s first album in the mid-90s, you missed an early pop-punk gem. There is a good chance you have heard their song “Van Halen,” which for me is as close to a 12-step group as I … Continue reading

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Weird Al, live in 84

Wolfgang’s Vault is awesome, and I’ve heard some really great recordings of old concerts (look for the 1988 Prince’s Trust on there). But I didn’t expect this chestnut from 1984, where Weird Al, touring between In 3D and Dare to … Continue reading

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Jude stuff

Jude and I are getting back in the Palette-Swap Ninja groove. We had an idea last year that we couldn’t get done in time, and we’re putting it back on the front burner. We’ll have a finished song in a … Continue reading

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The stupid-ass Robot Guitar

Gibson’s Robot Guitar features a special bridge and motorized tuners. You turn the knob, it automatically tunes your strings. You want an alternate tuning, it twiddles the tuners for you. MSRP: $4000, retail around $2500. When I heard about it, … Continue reading

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Fast Times Live!

I have had several thoughts that I wanted to share but don’t have the time to blog about. Twitter is becoming more and more useful for that stuff. But a few folks recently said “I am sorry to hear you’re … Continue reading

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Tonight is a big charity event — Knocktoberfest, a hybrid show of live 80s music and burlesque dancing to benefit the fight against breast cancer. Kat and Kimzey did most of the heavy lifting, but it has been neat to … Continue reading

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How do you want to make up your mind?

As I divest myself from the band a little more each day — even though there are still five gigs before my official parting date — it’s that magical time toward the end where every little thing gets on one’s … Continue reading

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