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Texas Hold ’em XBLA

Wow. Even against the worst poker players in the world, I seem to be unable to place higher than fourth. Every game of Texas Hold ’em on Xbox Live Arcade starts roughly the same: At least three people go all-in … Continue reading

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All You Need Is To Be Slapped, Really Really Hard

I heard “All You Need Is Love” on a commercial today…for Chase credit cards. The audacity of singing “all you need is love” while showing money seriously and truly disgusted me. It actually kind of hurt. I guess Michael needs … Continue reading

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This Jesus Must ダイス

Kat wins a little more of my undying love for finding this amazing, amazing recording of Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m speechless.

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No blood for oil? Say, that gives me an idea…

We really love our car. It’s a very sensible, very efficient (life begins at 30 mpg) Geo Prizm, built at the nearby NUMMI plant in Fremont. It’s coming up on 100K in miles and we see no end in sight; … Continue reading

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From gamer to shamer

I went to theater today to see a production of Jesus Christ Superstar and, while waiting for the show to start, I pulled out my DS Lite and played some Tetris DS. A guy sat in the chair next to … Continue reading

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Megabyte: Deleted

Anybody with aspirations as a voice actor pays attention to other voices. One of my favorite voice actors died recently – Tony Jay, whose generic name probably doesn’t ring any bells with most people. Kids know him as Frollo from … Continue reading

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Had a cool, rare offer to go out drinkin’ with the crew from work tonight and, after planning to go all day, turned it down at the last minute. Got agitated, felt like going home to chill with Kat, and … Continue reading

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Um Jammer Daddy

A wacky series of links from Simon Carless’ GameSetWatch ultimately alerted me to this wonderful interview from last year with Rodney Greenblat, the artist who helped create PaRappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy. (The latter game inspired the yellow … Continue reading

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My iPod died

Is this bad karma for criticizing Perplex City?  🙂 My trusty 30GB iPod was a gift some many friends and family members, but after a battery replacement didn’t fix it, I think it’s time to move on. Still works, just … Continue reading

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Perplex City SF Connection: What Went Wrong

I’ve been a big fan of pretty much everything Perplex City since I was told about it. It’s a combination treasure hunt, alternate-reality game, and collection of puzzles–absolutely right up my alley. I have been buying and solving cards, passing … Continue reading

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