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Best dating spam I’ve ever gotten

From: kevan arlene Sent: Monday, June 23, 2008 12:29 PM To: Dan Amrich Subject: The administration of a dating site informs you Good Day! You are disturbed by administration of sites of acquaintances of USA. You are the member of … Continue reading

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So…yeah, I’m back in it. I liked playing in high school. I didn’t like the esoteric, very nitty-gritty rules that evolved through the 3rd edition, so, like a lot of casual RPGers, I lost interest along the way. But then … Continue reading

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Fast Times free show Thursday

We are playin’ in the park for free. Come one, come all, and bring a lawn chair.

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Housing ho!

We’ve finally started looking for a house. I cannot be trusted with the family finances, so Kat wisely stepped in several years ago, assessed the debt, started eliminating credit cards, paying off student loans, and even getting consolidation loans to … Continue reading

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Overcommit much?

Let’s look at my current list of projects: Work: Active (days, some nights & weekends) Band #1: Active (rehearsal, performance) Band #2: Active (rehearsal) House-hunting: Active Special issue: Active Secret project #1: Inactive Secret project #2: Active Of those projects, … Continue reading

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“Whom shall you telegraph?”

Okay, this guy’s outfit is cooler than mine by a Victorian mile.

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…I just want to grab a guitar or two, throw them gently in the car, drive until I hit a coffeehouse, and play Fountains of Wayne songs until they kick me out, or I make enough money from crowd handouts … Continue reading

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Network Solutions: Bunchafuckheads

Kat’s found a domain she likes, but it’s taken. It’s not in use, but it’s taken. She’d like to buy the domain. The Whois info is complete…and completely wrong. The emails bounce; the phone number is disconnected. This, as you … Continue reading

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