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Things Dead Rising has taught me

Zombies are dumb, but humans are dumber. What part of “follow me” don’t you understand? Guns are overrated. Scream as loud as you want and carry a big stick. Save yourself. And save yourself often. It looked like it was … Continue reading

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Free outdoor gig tomorrow

If you’re in the Bay Area, come out. It’s free, it’s Sunday at 6pm, what else are you doing? We’ve got a lot of new songs that you haven’t heard us do. Pleasant Hill Sunset By The Lake Concert 100 … Continue reading

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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Wow, this sucked. I kind of want to go into laborious detail about just how bad it sucked and why, but there’s not much point, and you won’t read it anyway. Just know that Ivan Reitman has officially used up … Continue reading

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