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Energy drinks: Snuff’s enough

I have become a connoisseur of energy drinks. As such, I have four cans of this stuff on my desk. Haven’t tried it yet but I’m planning to for an upcoming article. I intentionally bought extra just because I feared … Continue reading

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Why won’t iTunes behave?

This has happened to me several times now and I’m wondering if anybody knows why. I keep all my iTunes music on my D drive. I gave it its own massive partition on my computer. For some reason, every so … Continue reading

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Toastmaster? Damn straight.

Four and a half years later after my seminal review of the Toastmaster T75R Classic Cool Steel 2-Slice Toaster, I’ve still got a perfect record. Amazon’s most discerning members have awarded me 39 out of 39 helpful votes. That’s right, … Continue reading

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Fast Times: The Remix?

Jude left for New Zealand a few weeks ago. Tim just called to let me know he’s leaving the band in July. This is either my cue to step out as well (again) or to discuss a new direction with … Continue reading

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I can’t wait for Tuesday

Because ship week + aching ankle + Friday night gig + Saturday birthday party + Sunday gig + Monday freelance assignment deadline means that might be the first chance I get to rest! Did I mention Kat says she knows … Continue reading

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