No blood for oil? Say, that gives me an idea…

We really love our car. It’s a very sensible, very efficient (life begins at 30 mpg) Geo Prizm, built at the nearby NUMMI plant in Fremont. It’s coming up on 100K in miles and we see no end in sight; it’s been super-reliable and very low maintenance. But we’d love a PT Cruiser someday, yet because we live in California, we’re thinking it’d be responsible to go green and get a hybrid. Andy has a Honda that’s been converted to run on natural gas; he’s doing his part. Maybe by the time the Geo is ready to be put out to pasture, there will be a hybrid PT.

If not, I have a solution. All that talk about “renewable fuels” and “no blood for oil” made me realize…why do you even have to exchange one for the other? Let’s get the engineers in Detroit to use plasma. Think about it:

  • It’s not just a renewable fuel source; it’s a self-propogating fuel source!
  • No foreign dependency at all, unless we really want to
  • Homeless problem? What homeless problem?

I look forward to the day when I can’t decide between the Pontiac Platelet or the Toyota Abattoir. Efficiency will be rated in miles per unwanted baby.

Admit it–it almost makes sense.

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