Why do I suck at Geometry Wars?

I’m a Robotron fanatic. I like a good game of Total Carnage. This twin joystick thing does not befuddle me. So why is everybody else a better player than I am? Seriously–I looked at my top 10 friends leaderboard and I’m simply not on it. Wat, Shoe, Will Smith, all near the top of the list with 600K. Then there’s tier two, where cracking 200K gets you noticed–Gabe, Rob Smith (twice, with two different gamertags), Gary Cribb, Norman Chan…these are my peeps. I should be among them. But no–I’m still stuck down in newbie hell, a year after this game came out. It was literally the first thing I bought on Xbox Live Marketplace–for me it was a killer app on launch day, since I never bought PGR2.

I need to stop sucking.

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