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From GabeRadar to GabeSpy

I don’t think they’ll rename the site after him, but I’m both happy and bummed to see Gabe Graziani move from GamesRadar to GameSpy. On a professional level, I’m bummed, because I root for Team Future and when Team Fox … Continue reading

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Guitars of War

I know I should be all stoked for Gears of War–and I am–but to play a little Guitar Hero II on 360 six months before it comes out? Yeah, that makes me just as happy. Love that Explorer!

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Introducing Devon

Ragdoll, four months old, bright blue eyes (not what the photo suggests), not yet friends with Sadie, but certainly wants to be. He’ll wear her down. For silly “ohlookitthecutekitten” video, click here.

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WordPress is teh awesome

So I admit that I used WordPress because it was free and I’d seen someone else use it for their blog. I installed 2.0.3 because that was the current one when I started. After starting to get about two dozen … Continue reading

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Halloween 2006

Annual costume contest at work; I revived a costume from nine years ago that didn’t work so well and learned that “Marty Mouse, Mickey’s disgruntled, bitter, alcoholic brother” does not work quite as well as simply “Drunken Mickey.” Dressed as … Continue reading

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