From GabeRadar to GabeSpy

I don’t think they’ll rename the site after him, but I’m both happy and bummed to see Gabe Graziani move from GamesRadar to GameSpy. On a professional level, I’m bummed, because I root for Team Future and when Team Fox gets one of our guys to switch sides, well, that’s a loss for us. But at the same time, I’ve known Gabe for a few years and I was thrilled when he got hired at Radar, so I’m happy for him–I know he goes to get a bit of a raise and perhaps a little more manageable schedule besides. I guess he’ll find out.

The good news is he works across the street in the other business park, and we can meet for lunch whenever neither one of us happens to be pulling our hair out. Then again, I said that when Andy started working across the street too, and it took us three weeks to grab a bite.

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