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I want to play every game out there. This, apparently, makes me stupid. I play some more than others — City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, the Tony Hawk games, Guitar Hero — but I never really seem to master … Continue reading

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Three-day geekend

I don’t know how you’re spending yours, but mine is full of games (Texas Hold ‘Em on XBLA; WoW), guitars (the Jellocaster is prepped and ready for delivery from its quick sale), movies (Tenacious D…not as good as I’d hoped), … Continue reading

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WordPress/K2 help

I really wanted to do a nice little custom design for this page, but I’m too lazy to figure out PHP, CSS, and all that fun stuff. I can’t even get K2’s custom header feature to work right, even though … Continue reading

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Sharpie, motherfucker, do you speak it?

El Oh El. FALL RIVER, NJ – A college student who mistakenly submitted a compact disc loaded with child pornography images to his professor last week is now facing felony kiddie porn possession charges. Andrew Erickson, 18, of 57 Lee’s … Continue reading

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Pssst…wanna buy a guitar?

I’m selling a few. Gotta make room for the T5 as promised. Would prefer to sell to friends simply because I can probably deliver in person and I will know they are going to good homes. I really hate to … Continue reading

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Three-day weekend

Ship week is always tough. It’s just intense and a lot of things have to be done immediately, so there’s no goofing off during the day and often bringing work home at night (hence no blog postings). They’re tougher still … Continue reading

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RCN to the rescue

Wow. Kat called Tuesday to set up service, RCN came out today and we’re up and running. On the advertised 10M/800K line we opted for, is showing…meh, somewhere close. I ran some tests when Comcast was up and regularly … Continue reading

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Taylor T5 OMGSNIPED!1!

Anybody want to buy a guitar? Because I just got one, so I’m keeping to my promise and selling three others. A little creative math, some consideration of freelance/band wages, and good ol’ gear lust led me to win this … Continue reading

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MP3 of the Moment: “I Wanna Be A Witch”

Whenever I updated my old site, I’d throw an obscure MP3 on the page as “The Best Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard.” I miss doing that. Behold, the MP3 of the Moment. Today’s entry: “I Wanna Be a Witch” by … Continue reading

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New year, new ISP

I’m been with Comcast for broadband service since before Comcast was Comcast. I signed up with @Home, which got bought by AT&T, which sold out to Comcast. Most of the time it was pretty good, but in the last three … Continue reading

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