MP3 of the Moment: “I Wanna Be A Witch”

Whenever I updated my old site, I’d throw an obscure MP3 on the page as “The Best Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard.” I miss doing that. Behold, the MP3 of the Moment.

Today’s entry: “I Wanna Be a Witch” by Kim Fox. Kim was part of the Lilith Fair-era wave of smart female singer/songwriters signed to major labels in the late 90s, but apparently she got lost in the shuffle. I always like whimsical lyrics, and I’m a sucker for clever pop with sweet harmonies. I also like how the track skillfully blends piano with guitar, when they are so often in conflict in other songs–the rhythm guitar stabs layered beneath the piano on the chorus is subtle and cool.

The single got strong airplay on a local adult contemporary station and wound up on a compilation album, which is how I came to own it, but it was originally the lead track from Kim’s album Moon Hut. She’s indie now and on MySpace, of course, as well as maintaining her own site.

As always, if you dig the tracks I sometimes sneak onto this site, I encourage buying albums and legitmately owning music. Them artists gotta eat.

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