Lammy gets an upgrade

Yay, a game! Time to play Spot the Difference:

If you said “Hey, that second photo has totally bitchin’ new DiMarzio blue speed knobs,” you’re right. (And if you noticed that the words “Seymour Duncan” no longer appear on the middle pickup, the selector switch is in a different position, the background towel is now a blanket, and the strings are now coated blue instead of plain silver, you’re also right on all counts, and possibly a little too detail-oriented, but your name is almost certainly Andy Eddy.)

I love custom knobs and have swapped many out. I used to have custom knobs on the Strat and took them off, but all the ESP Semi-Acoustics got knob upgrades right away and it was for the better. With Lammy, they needed to stay blue to match the game, but I was never thrilled with the Strat-style knobs that came with it (especially since the middle control, which said “Tone,” became a volume knob in my custom wiring configuration). The only replacement knobs I’d ever seen looked worse. So when I spotted these knobs in a catalog, I had to get them, and they look bigger and even more cartoony than the stock ones. Plus, there’s an added bonus upon close inspection:

“One louder. You’re all the way up on your guitar, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up…where can you go? Nowhere. What we do, when we need that extra…push, over the cliff? Eleven. Exactly.

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