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Pink is the new bravery

Yet another reason Canada kicks ass. So glad these kids had the balls to stand up, do something smart and nonviolent, and make an impact.

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On the radio tomorrow

Fast Times is playing a Mix 106 listener party — the Flashback Formal — Friday night in San Jose, and we’ve been invited on the air tomorrow at noon. I’d invite you to click here to listen live but it … Continue reading

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The Disney Diaries #5

I know a lot of people want to go to a character breakfast when they visit Disney, but I’ve never found it much fun to have my meal interrupted by a college student in a fur outfit who wants to … Continue reading

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OK, let’s tackle gamer ignorance

Wow. Reading the comments here, gamers are as passionate and quick to judge as they are completely wrong. OXM is biased, OXM is on the take, OXM has to give Halo 3 high marks or else they’re out of a … Continue reading

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The traditional gift is silence

For me, the worst thing that can happen at a gig is to lose my voice. I came back from Florida with that allergy/sinus thing, and whatever it was, it hung around to make Friday’s show at Cache Creek sound … Continue reading

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The Disney Diaries #4

Videogaming is in a sad state at Walt Disney World. When we came on our honeymoon, we started every day with Mickey waffles and a round of Virtua Cop at our resort. We stayed at the same place this time … Continue reading

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The Disney Diaries #3

Waiting for the flight-sim movie/ride “Soarin’” at Epcot, Kat and I were treated to the worst kids in line, ever ever ever. Picture 11 boys, all alpha males between the ages of 12 and 16, all in town for a … Continue reading

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The Disney Diaries #2

My unhealthy interest in redheads leads me to seek out merch for three very different Disney characters: Ariel, Kim Possible, and Jessica Rabbit. Ariel’s a Disney Princess so she’s all over the place, and Kim’s got a token character meet-and-greet … Continue reading

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Michael Anthony, saint

This Rolling Stone interview with Van Halen’s now-ex-bassist is possibly the best example of grace under fire I’ve ever seen. In the often tawdry world of rock and roll — let alone the comedy of errors that is Van Halen! … Continue reading

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The Disney Diaries #1

After seven years without a vacation, Kat and I finally returned to Walt Disney World. We honeymooned there in 1995, went back in 2000, and intended to go two years ago, but it didn’t happen until now. Everyone was forced … Continue reading

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