Can’t Take A Hint Dept.

I bought Guitar Hero III over the weekend. I am disappointed that you can’t do career co-op over Live. So Paul and I got together at my house to crash through it, as Paul is a big Bloc Party fan and really wanted to unlock “Helicopter,” which you can only find in the co-op career. So he brought his hard drive over, so his save file would properly have the unlocks. I figure I’ll play through co-op with Kat, so that’s no problem.

First, my Xbox froze. The older one. Maybe the DVD drive is going. So we rebooted.

Then, as we got ready to start the first song, an earthquake hit. We assumed Hell was frightened of our rock awesomeness.

Then the Xbox froze again. And that, we took as a sign. Maybe we shouldn’t do this tonight. But we swapped consoles and went ahead anyway.

After a few songs we realized Paul was the only one getting Achievements, even though my profile was logged in as player two. Well, that sucks. Co-op Achievements are apparently glitched, say the interwebs. But we soldiered on.

Then, right after “Welcome to the Jungle,” there was a knock on the door. “Do you have someone staying with you from out of town with two children? There’s a car in the parking lot next door with child seats in it that the police are going to tow.” Seems the earthquake shook Paul’s parked car out of gear and it rolled back in the lot, blocking the way. When he got there, the police were about to smash his side window. Friendly neighbor, we thank you.

I think I need to go to bed before Martians attack.

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