OXM Podcast 50 – the big one!

We hit a milestone on the OXM Podcast, and that milestone happened to coincide nicely with our Game of the Year awards from 2006. So…we present a little modern theater of the mind, a full-on, balls-out Oscar-like hootenanny, complete with celebrity acceptance speeches, guest presenters, red carpet shenanigans, and original music composed for the event by Oblivion/Prey/Neverwinter Nights composer Jeremy Soule. It will air in two parts, each about an hour long; part two hits next Friday. We’ve simply never done a podcast like this before, and I honestly believe it kicks the snot out of what a bunch of other podcasts did for their 2006 wrapups.

Listen and enjoy, won’t you? It’s free and you can get it through iTunes if you prefer.

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