It feels so Wright

I’m always a few steps ahead on 360 games and a few steps behind on all other platforms. Case in point: I’m still plugging away at Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and I’m putting some speed on since Kat got me the sequel for my birthday. I am about to start the third of five cases and I have to say, every time I think I’m done with a case, there’s another curveball that comes in and makes me totally reassess everything at my disposal. But I really enjoy it (I also liked an old DOS game called Objection that I doubt anybody else remembers). And I love goofy artwork like this, stolen from

I’ve realized that almost all my DS games are thinky games. Phoenix Wright, Brain Age, Tetris DS, Advance Wars, Big Brain Academy, and my parents sent me Hotel Dusk as a gift. Elite Beat Agents and Super Mario Bros. are about it for action. I’m okay with it, I just suddenly noticed the thinky trend. Is it a DS thing or a “Dan seeks different challenges now that he is older” thing?

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