LA sucks

So, 10 months in, the new gig is working out. Activision has my back and has given me incredible freedom and autonomy. I’m almost my own boss. I am seeing what I do have a positive effect, internally and externally, and it’s growing slowly and organically. All signs are good.

The locale is bad. It was the one major thing that I did not like about taking the job, and all the other elements outweighed it — logic trumped emotion. But still, I have not found anything significant than I like about Los Angeles that makes me want to be here. I hate the traffic.I hate the weather. I hate the attitude and the general vibe.¬†Fuck, I’m embarrassed to be here — even more than when I used to hide that I was from New Jersey. “Where do you live?” “Just south of Silicon Valley. Like, five hours south.”

I am moving to a new place at the end of the year, but I cannot afford to move any further than that. I may not be able to afford that, frankly.

I’m stuck here. I just pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I do not die here.

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