The only gaming television you need to watch

I have a standing grudge about television and video games. TV rarely seems to “get” it — they always wind up insulting me by saying “If we show some gameplay footage and put some boobs in there, the little boys with their little toys will be distracted and crank the ratings.” Far more than the standard sins of simply being boring and ill-informed, TV coverage of games almost never feels genuine to me as a gamer. And I say this as someone who is sometimes interviewed as part of the coverage! It’s just too slick, too packaged, too fake to be respected. I just want to take everyone in television who sees gaming as a demographic, grab by the lapels, shake them, and scream, “Stop selling me and be a real person for once in your goddamned life.”

I think that’s why I am so happy to have found this clip, which is the first time I’ve seen gaming accurately, properly, joyfully, and genuinely illustrated on television.

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