Only YOU can break the cycle of boring annual games

Gather ’round, haters. It’s that time of year again, when idiots start celebrating an annual game that never changes. Seriously: Every year, it’s the same thing — and yet every year it seems like people are even more eager to throw their money on the same repetitive game and call it entertainment.

Sometimes they change something minor — something new graphically, maybe a different logo, or a new catchphrase. It’s all superficial, though; the core gameplay never changes. It’s still just guys going at each other over and over to see who can score the most points. It’s so boring. Week in, week out, it’s the same exact thing.

And it kills me to see the people — sorry, the sheeple — who support this annual travesty, just throwing their money at it. It’s not cheap. Some morons pay even more for a deluxe experience. Why would anybody just keep wasting their money on the same game over and over again?

Ask any of these drones why they do it and you get weak answers. “I like it.” “I look forward to it every fall.” “My friends and I enjoy games together. It’s social.” These are the same idiots who shell out real cash money to buy, like, logo hats and shirts and crap like that, so they can literally wear their fandom on their sleeve. It’s bad enough they support it in their own homes and sit in front of the TV, mesmerized by the banality — now they have to go out in public and shove it down your throat, and be a walking billboard for their favorite game’s mediocrity.

So there you have it: A vicious cycle as society continually supports an annual game that makes crazy money but never innovates, never improves, never gets any better — just the same mind-numbing repetition as alpha males try to prove themselves as superior to the other meatheads. And every year around this time, it kicks off with a whole lot of speculation from armchair quarterbacks about what might happen this fall. And yet even though nobody really knows what they’re talking about because nothing has happened yet beyond pre-release hype, everybody seems brainwashed to agree: It’s going to be a great year for fans.

When are we, as a community, going to stand up and reject not only the NFL draft, but pro football itself?

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