Pinatas and parodies

Due to the very minor success of Palette-Swap Ninja’s first release — now available for download — I have spent a few days looking into the legality of parody songs. This was encouraged by, um, Future’s lawyer, and rightfully so. But it appears that parody is not only sorta kinda barely protected as fair use, it’s also incredibly unlikely that anybody would come after us — we are not charging for it, though airing it on KOXM could, in turn, be seen as a for-profit venture (just not for Jude and I; we are doing it for fun and will continue to do it for fun whether it airs on OXM’s podcast or not). Still, at least I have a name of someone that I’m supposed to call to ask for permission…but seriously? The more I look into it, the less I think I need it.

Meanwhile, I was really honored to find kind words not only from the VP community but also from someone at Rare, no matter how brief those words were. I liked Viva from the first time I saw it under NDA around this time last year, and our goofy little tribute is heartfelt.

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