Random Updates for April

For those of you who know us but haven’t been around us lately:

  • Kat is learning to play piano, very quickly. Her teacher says she’s literally the quickest study he’s had in several decades. She has the benefit of being an adult, but she also has the deficit of being an adult, so take it however you like. All I know is that I like hearing little baroque melodies wafting up from the living room, and we got a good deal on a compact, used digital piano.
  • I’m happy as Larry at my job. I really feel like I fit at OXM, I am constantly challenged in a good way, and I think the more creative risks we take in the coming year, the better off we’ll be. Hopefully those risks will pay off, of course. But I like the editorial vision and freedom and the proverbial wheels are turning.
  • Kat has been working on Pregnancy magazine as a contractor, which is not only a pleasant work environment but profitable as well. But the lure of a full-time position is strong, and she’s found one that might be a very good fit and would give her all the things that Future is apparently unable or unwilling to give her. (You don’t pass someone over for three different full-time positions for which they are qualified unless you want to send that person a message, albeit a cowardly one.) Cross your fingers; I will not say more so I don’t jinx it.
  • I love my Taylor T5 so much that I am going to sell two more guitars, but as we get closer to the core of the collection, the prices are going up. I think these next two will be $500+ each. I will always give friends first shot before listing them on Craigslist/eBay. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll tell you what I’m letting go.
  • The world of music copyright clearance is frightening and confusing. I am only sinking deeper into it as I try to figure out whether I’ve done the right thing or not. This is why so many people just write their own stuff rather than create parody.
  • WoW is preventing The Book from progressing. I need, like, two weeks in a cabin with internet access but no WoW, and I think I could get it together.
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