Interesting week at work

And by interesting I mean kinda bad. Layoffs are never good news, and Future US had to tighten its belt this week. It was a wholesale house-cleaning in the music department in NYC, unfortunately (dammit, Guitar One was much improved), but we are going to lose one of our designers to a design pool, which may work better long term, but it’s still a personal loss. Our staff is very well balanced and our efficiency over the last few issues has actually been improving, so this kind of change is bad.

Seeing friends like PC Gamer AD Joe Mitch leave the building is strange. Seven years at a company and then, poof, you’re gone. And while I still have my suspicious theories about why Kat was not selected for one of the design openings that she’s applied for since the demise of Scrapbook Answers, I now wonder if she’s better off. It’s stupid to blog about your workplace because even if you’re just blowing off steam, it will come back to bite you in the ass, so the less said about that situation, the better. In any case, she’s interviewed for that other job now and hopes are high, but we’re at that stage where all you can do is hope that her work speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, I could not be more creatively fulfilled at work. Every issue is a great challenge and I finally feel equipped to meet it. This is sweeter because I was away from it, so now I really see this as a golden second chance and I want to make the most of it. Everybody wants a job; I wanted this job for a long time and I’m savoring the work now that I’m doing it. I’m happy, even as the company goes through another tough time. So it’s a strange imbalance.

I feel like the guy enjoying the waterslide while the rest of the amusement park is on fire.

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