Things you regret saying, Volume MCXVI

To close the issue yesterday, a quick round of drinks was suggested. One of our interns was in the office and, having recently turned 21, we wanted him to join us. He resisted, saying he had to get going. When he interviewed, he was kinda stoked to find that two ex-GamePro staffers worked at OXM now, because he read GP when he was younger. So to try to twist his arm, I said “Let me put it this way…Air Hendrix and Dan Elektro want to have a drink with you!”

It wasn’t intended to come out all self-important, but in retrospect, that almost certainly sounded ridiculously arrogant. I thought he’d find it funny. Nobody really did. And, except for a few message boards that I simply can’t change the usernames on, I never refer to myself as Dan Elektro anymore, and haven’t for years. I’m really happy to be writing under my own name. So when I played that card, sounded like a self-important jerk, and he still didn’t come for drinks, I just felt like a douchebag.

One lemon drop and one kamikaze later, I still regretted it.

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