Uh oh

This, I believe, is a bad sign:

I was all excited about the BioShock demo, so I turned on my 360, started the download, and…that’s what I got. Last time I saw that on a retail unit, it was terminal and the machine had to be shipped back for replacement.

My incept date is 10/27/2005 — a launch-day unit that I truly struggled to obtain — so I’ve always been nervous that it would conk out. I’m still in the denial phase, the “it’s just not feeling well, I’ll shoot it with compressed air like, a lot, and everything will be fine in the morning” stage.

However, when I went to register my console at Xbox.com in the likely case I do have to send it in, I got “A problem occurred, and your request cannot be completed” in large, unfriendly letters. If that’s not a harbinger of doom, what is?

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