I can play without all the mucky-muck

After years of keeping it old-school, the new, more active dynamic of the band has convinced me/given me an excuse to go wireless. I paid too much for a really nice Sennheiser EW 172 setup, which does all kinds of neat frequency searching and channel hopping and whatnot, but at least I feel better knowing that it likely won’t conflict with any of the other four wireless units currently at use in the band. If you want the auto-frequency-adjust stuff, you pay. It also got exceptionally good user reviews from several different music websites.

Kat can use the same rig for her projects when she needs wireless, though we’ll need to get a microphone, but that alone makes it a good investment. Also, it’s a tax write-off, as the band now issues 1099s and I list it has income from a hobby, so spending a little to write off a little is good. But I just walked downstairs while playing my Les Paul and was still able to hear the clatter from a flight away…and that was really rather bizarre. I’m just not used to it.

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