Gamerscore 10,000; Chicken 1

Check the gamercard to the right — I’m finally a member of the 10K club. This weekend, with Kat away seeing some friends, I spent some time with the 360 and was able to get my score into the five-digit realm, where it will remain until I die.

I am happy to be done with Guitar Hero III on Hard, but a good chunk of the final push was going through Portal (so to speak!). I’d done the review on a debug, so I wanted to do it “for real.” I’d only monkeyed with the advanced maps for the review; man, level 18 on Advanced is brutal. But the Portal games and a Puzzle Quest boss battle took me to 9990, so I rummaged around for another 10 points…only to find it in Frogger. It ain’t pretty, but the Achievement that took me over to top was Chicken 1 — you have to wait on the road until the timer turns red, then make it home. Took me a few tries, but I got it.

Now I have to live with the fact that the milestone Achievement was called Chicken 1.

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