OXM goes online; interweb quietly revolutionized

Look at us, we formed a site:


It’s been a few months in the works and frankly took longer than we hoped, but it’s what we wanted it to be, and while there’s always room for improvement, we’re better off having waited. We wanted to put out something useful and hopefully valuable to both mag readers and web-only visitors.

I sent a tip to Kotaku but they didn’t take the bait. They did report that IGN reported the news found in our Holiday 2007 issue (which many subscribers have had for several days), which is that “Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld” is a bonus track in Rock Band. (I’m disappointed that Kotaku didn’t know who Freezepop was, but there you have it.)

Kotaku also reported that the New York Times reported that print magazines might be dead. Good thing that will never happen to newspapers, as long as there are blogs to report on what they say.

So with all that reporting on reporting going on, maybe Kotaku missed our news.

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