Everything is true on the internet

You know why cousins don’t marry, right? Here’s a fantastic story of new media inbreeding and feeding on itself.

Naturally if something like this had appeared in a magazine, the verdict from online “journalists” would likely be that print is dead and old media doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing any more. Meanwhile, I’m just going to learn from the example, especially as OXM gets more involved online. As the old saying goes, you can have something fast, cheap, or good — pick two. Most information online is fast and cheap, so caveat emptor.

This blog’s author Darius puts it best:

Bloggers and readers should do more to research the facts and original sources before jumping to the publish button. How else will we establish blogging as a credible, journalistic endeavor?

I admit that I did not contact Nissan to see if this “Darius” really contacted them…but I thought his detective work made a fascinating story anyway. If you believe what you read, of course.

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