Dragon wagons

Just for the record: If you have an unusual kink, I truly don’t mind. Whatever makes you happy, that’s cool, as long as it doesn’t take advantage of someone else. Seriously, it can be weird. Do you get excited by frying pans? X-Wing Fighters? Household cleanser? I swear to you, I’m fine with it. I don’t judge.

But I do reserve the right to be surprised when I see something that I simply hadn’t considered before.

This is it. And it’s not safe for work. Especially if you are a mechanic and/or the ruler of a fantasy kingdom.

What’s more, it’s not an isolated incident. December 13 wins for best pun.

Like I said, this doesn’t anger or outrage or dismay or shock me. It is what it is; it hurts nobody. I simply wasn’t aware.

Carry on.

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