Brain dump March 2008

Work’s been a little rough lately — just lots to do and finite time in which to do it. I haven’t had many mental cycles to myself lately and therefore no pointless updates here. So, a brain dump:

  • Thanks to Kat and Netflix, I recently got addicted to 30 Rock. I’d heard good things but simply never tuned in. (Also, I was one of the people who watched Studio 60.) What a great show. The more I see, the harder I laugh.
  • I finished the Lost video game, Via Domus. The ending is either the worst tripe you’ve ever seen or a really cool peek into exactly what the hell is going on on the island. My reaction was the latter, but I totally understand the former. I hope I’m right.
  • I love WordPress but updating the installation drives me nuts. I put it off until I started to get a lot of spam user registrations. I thought it would take 15 minutes but I wrestled for an hour.
  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village is totally awesome. It’s as close as I could find to Perplex City in video game form.
  • Chipotle opened a restaurant about 10 minutes down the road. I’m in heaven. And no, they’re not owned by McDonald’s anymore, though that really didn’t bother me.
  • Jude came up with a really clever idea for the next Palette-Swap Ninja track. It falls to me to learn the song but he’s already done half the lyrics, and the chords aren’t too tricky. Hoping to get this up and running soon.
  • Fast Times is not gigging for a little while due to schedule conflicts. But we still have a decent chance to play at a very nice club in Vegas, so if that happens, I’ll let everybody know.
  • I have indulged my funk sweet tooth and picked up the first two Zapp albums. Oh hell yeah.

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