Where were you…

…when I hit level 70 in World of Warcraft? I know where I was. I was here, hitting level 70 in World of Warcraft:

Okay, so it’s not on par with wherever you were when Kennedy was shot or terrorists attacked New York City — but I had to grab a screen for the momentous occasion anyway.

I needed to float a small loan so I could float around the levels and finally get my flying mount. I immediately did what I figure most people do — I flew as high as I could go. It’s a lot higher than this screen suggests.

I thought I would have a “well, that’s it” feeling about the game but now I feel like there’s so many more things I can do. I can join my guild on the battlegrounds. I can check out high-level gear and start chasing epic stuff. I can twink the living hell out of my level 41 mage and level 52 warrior. I might even go back and see what my Alliance characters look like after having been abandoned for, like, a year.

Until then, look, up in the sky! Rawr! I’m 70!

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