I’m back — but I never left

The last six weeks or so have been intense days of work — business trips, a freelance project at night, a two-night stand at Cache Creek with the band, rehearsals for Radio Waves, and some unfortunate drama at work with a serious injury and (unrelated) someone leaving the staff to another job offer. It’s been crazier than normal and I feel like this three-day weekend is the finish line of a long race.

The freelance project is written and submitted. I’ll have more info on it in a few weeks. It’s nothing earth-shattering or super-exclusive, but I am proud to have had the opportunity to work on it and I just want to wait until have something in my hand before I go into detail.

The housing search is back on and we saw a few places that might work but nothing that thrills us yet.

I’m going to go play WoW. I haven’t done it in like a month.

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