Watchmen trailer and more

The Watchmen hype is heating up. I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m an obsessive fan so this is a time of great hoopla. The trailer was released, the website has launched into something resembling a promotional destination, and it’s this week’s cover story of Entertainment Weekly. Most importantly, the old merch is starting to show up on eBay for stupid prices. (Ethan — the guy who mentored me into a life of Watchmen, the way vampires add new recruits to the family — owned that back in the day.)

Ethan noted that Alan Moore is now and forever unhappy about the movie but as a diehard fan, I like everything I’m seeing. The trailer shows that they used the comic as a storyboard for shooting — which is exactly what I think needed to happen. The fact that I could say the lines along with the trailer the first time I saw it says something. Zack Snyder is keeping it real, as the kids say. It may have flaws when it’s done but it will have been attempted in the proper spirit, so on some level, I think it already wins.

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