GB segment of Inside Xbox

So if you’ve got an Xbox 360 and you’re connected to the interwebs, click on Inside Xbox today (and throughout the week). The OXM Report interview with Ryan French is online, and he talks a little bit about what multiplayer will entail on 360.

And in part because the fan community was bummed that nobody in full gear attended the San Francisco GB preview party a few months ago…I shot the intro and outro in full gear. That’s my pack in the background of Ryan’s shots.

We shot the whole thing twice — once as a two-person camera shot with me in the uniform interviewing him, and another time with him solo. Microsoft chose to use the solo shots and, frankly, I think they made the right call. The 2-man interview thing was probably pretty awkward.

It’s free, and I don’t think you even have to be a Gold member to see it. Just sign into Live and go to the “Inside Xbox” option at the main Xbox Live blade.

The clip should be posted to the web later in the month as part of Microsoft’s usual process. When it hits the web it will be here. But for this week, it’s just on Xbox Live.

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