A note from your local dictator

Pardon the public service announcement that follows, but I need to do some housekeeping.

This is my website. I will run it as I see fit. I pay the bills; I make the rules. You’re a guest in my house, and if I do not want you here, you are not going to be here. If you believe that everything on the internet is free and you are entitled to access this site or to me as an individual, you are wrong.

The fact that I have a job that puts me, in some small way, in the public eye does not matter. On this site, I am still a private citizen and what I share and how I share it is up to me. (That also means that I retain copyright on my original writings here, and do not grant the permission to have them reproduced.)

I am not a celebrity and you are not entitled to anything. So when I say get the fuck out, you take your fuck and go.

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