Open letter to an asshole

To Whom It May Concern:

What possessed you to tear the Darwin emblem from my car today as I ran my errands? I don’t come into your home and rip down your crucifixes, because I respect your ways even though I do not follow them. I strongly believe that people of all faiths can coexist in our society. I understand your message without the destruction–I grew up Catholic and considered the seminary. This much I know: Jesus did not suggest vandalism as The Way. My passive opinion was obliterated by your active aggression.

I know you probably thought you were paving your way into God’s kingdom by teaching one of those pesky science-believing fools the Truth, but consider this: It’s acts of terrorism in the name of a higher power that currently have the world a little on edge. You commited one such act today.

Random assailant, please continue to enjoy your freedom of religion. By contrast, what you did today oppresses me. I clearly do not enjoy freedom from religion.

Your homework is John 8, verses 2 through 11.

Yours in mutual respect,

PS: I’m replacing the emblem. I call it “turning the other bumper.”

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