“Wii Christmastime”

It’s the most shoptacular time of the year! And in honor of Black Friday, Jude and I have whipped up a holiday parody song about the lack of Nintendo consoles on store shelves. “Wii Christmastime” is now available over at paletteswapninja.com.

However, if you’d like something longer and more refreshingly vulgar to listen to, the song made its debut during Episode 29 of TalkRadar, which is now available via GamesRadar.com or on iTunes right now. At the 32 minute mark, they talk about the contest and debut the song. But you should listen to the whole show, as Rob Smith is a guest, discussing his new book about Lucasarts, Rogue Leaders. Oh, and if you’re never listened to TalkRadar before, here’s your explcit content warning. As podcasts go, it’s vulgar, drunken, and rambling. In other words, it’s funny and quite popular.

More importantly, there is the topic of phat lewt: TalkRadar is hosting a video contest, and the person who makes the best YouTube video for the new song gets a sweet Creative media player. Full details are over at the PSwap site.

Palette-Swap Ninja was one of the projects I wanted to focus on when leaving Fast Times so it feels good to turn something around so fast. If you like what you hear and want to follow along in the social networking space, I’d love some love at Facebook, MySpace, and/or Twitter.

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