An eBay tip for weird emergencies

What do you do when you put something on eBay, and someone bids on it, and then you find you cannot sell the item because the item got damaged between the time you posted it and the end of the auction? Well, if there are 12 hours left, you’re screwed — you can’t edit, revise, or cancel the thing. And I had a bid on it, so I had to cancel that and explain why I was doing the very thing I said I would never do. Every time someone says “how much to end the auction early” I say “no, we’re going forward, it’s a free market.” So this is the first time I think I’ve even had to end an item early with bidders involved. I mean, it was for a different reason than “yeah, I can be bought off” but it’s still messy.

So I explained to the guy with the bid as to why I was cancelling it (namely, it’s busted and you wouldn’t be able to use it), then I wound up having Kat do a Buy-it-Now to end the thing. We then cancelled the entire transaction and issued a PayPal refund. If anybody else gets snagged by the 12-hours-to-go lockout thing, now you know at least one workaround.

For the record, the Mbox got sopping wet last night and won’t work today. At the moment, PC and Mac both say “what audio device?” (I think they just like the UX2 better.)  Who knows, maybe it will dry out and work in a month — it’s solid state — but how am I supposed to sell it knowing it was damaged? Into the closet it goes and we’ll pray for a resurrection.

This whole Pro Tools thing needs to go away.

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