No longer a prime number

Today I turned 38. I have to admit, it looks frighteningly close to 40. I had the Monty Python “I’m 37!” joke, and I’ll have Jack Benny’s 39 joke next year, but 38 just looks like “old.”

Didn’t really get much time to myself, as it’s ship week and I’m late on several deadlines. But it was kinda bizarre/cool to have what seemed like most of Facebook wish me a happy birthday — old friends, acquaintances, you name it. It was pleasantly overwhelming. It made it even funnier that people from other departments at Future knew and said nice things, but nobody at OXM was aware. (Fran actually got me a really awesome cupcake 10 days early because she knew she’d forget.)

And whereas I’m still kind of uncomfortable about getting gifts, the ones I got were spot-on. I got several books that remind me that I have to finish the one I’m reading so I can move on, and Kat got me another hard drive enclosure — this time specifically with FireWire so music recording on the Mac will be easier. That seems like a pure piece of utility but damn if it didn’t thrill me, especially after the recent troubles I’ve handled.

Oh well. Going to bed older, but not wiser yet.

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