More libelous fun online

Here’s a bit of nonsense for you. OXM am evil empire because Ryan has nothing better to do with his time than terrorize kids on Live. Or something.

Obviously, Ryan didn’t do this. Ryan doesn’t pick fights and he doesn’t play against random folks, among other things; he and I both like playing with friends under our main tags and he’s more likely to simply leave an uncomfortable session than speak up about it. Nor do we have the power to get people banned anyway. I looked into Microsoft’s banning system and know from experience that it’s very difficult to get booted. Annoying an OXM editor is hardly a bannable offense, even if it did happen, which it didn’t. And he really doesn’t care what your gamertag is. [UPDATE: If you look at Ryan’s gamertag, he hasn’t even played the game where the supposed confrontation took place.]

But the kid’s story is also devoid of fact. What’s his gamertag? How have you been behaving on Live elsewhere? Clearly, someone said they were Ryan, and the kid believed it. And then he ranted.

That’s not what bugs me. What bugs me is that nobody checked, and even the commenters just piled on with “what a douchebag, I hate OXM.” It’s easy to believe the worst. You know, our harshest critics claim our “biased” reviews are worthless to them, because they do not feel they can trust our opinions, and besides, they can think for themselves thank you very much. But when they get the chance to think for themselves, to look at a situation objectively…they don’t. Why be rational?

This stuff shouldn’t still bother me, but it does.

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