Hurry Holidays

Aside from the real-world magazine work that I could do over the break (both deadline oriented and optional-but-a-good-idea), I set myself several goals over the Christmas holiday. Most are fairly modest and don’t sound like work: Catch up on that stack of magazines. Update my guitar magazine database. Finish Condemned: Criminal Origins on 360, which I started last year and really want to complete. Play, like, ten other games that are sitting on the shelf. Work on a secret project that has been languishing for two years. Solve some puzzles. Make a mix CD for a friend. Play some games with the readers.

I can’t seem to get most of ’em done because every time I start one fun project, three or four more nag at me like “Oh, so that means you’re not going to take care of me, then?”

I could take a month off and maybe get it all done. But when could I ever take a month off? You know you’re in trouble when you start wishing you’d get sidelined by a major illness.

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