Palette-Swap success, internet style

Last Friday Palette-Swap Ninja released a new song, “Learn to Spell.” It’s a parody of All-American Rejects’ “Gives You Hell” and it’s about people who post on gaming forums with limited verbal capacities. I was really busy and forgot to plug it here.

A week went by and our swanky premium page at Entertonement launched, which also brought with it someone who posted that embedded-player version of the song on Digg.

Digg, for my friends who don’t follow the internets so much, is a site where anybody can recommend anything that they deem of interest on the internet to the rest of the internet, and the rest of the internet says “we agree” or “that sucked.” If you like it, you just click once to vote for it. Digg is a big deal for generating traffic to your site.

We got 1200 votes in about 21 hours. That’s a lot for Digg, enough to get us into the top stories of the day. That feels great.

Of course, you can’t write and record and release a song that makes fun of people who cannot write without being made fun of for your writing. Nitpicks included everything from incorrect verb tense in the song’s description on Entertonement to the improper use of “who/whom.” It’s a fair cop. And of course, it inevitably turned into a Digg argument about grammar Nazis and the evolution of language, which was planned on from the moment we wrote the song — it’s kindling for flame wars.

But mostly? It’s cool that 1200 people liked the song enough to vote it up. Not bad for something recorded by amateurs with GarageBand in two bedrooms on opposite sides of the country and given away for free.

You should buy a t-shirt to celebrate the moment.

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