Hail to the king (of diseases)

A few months ago my right foot hurt. Thought I was walking funny or pulled a muscle. Last week my toe exploded in pain and kept me awake. After a few days of mild help from my email-friendly doctor, I finally got to see him, and…well, ever hear of gout? It’s kinda that. This goes with the kidney stone and bursitis in the collection of Things I Did Not Think I Would Get Before Age 40.

Really, it’s hardly a tragedy; I did it to myself so who am I going to blame? It’s called the Disease of Kings because it’s a product of an unbalanced diet of rich foods. I am not a big drinker (which is the first thing that aggravates it, I suppose) but I am a big fan of red meat and not vegetables. Well, after a while, that has a lot of purines, and that generates crystals, and they wind up in my foot in something awesome called uric acid.

I’m walking with a cane for a little bit and I’m changing my diet. Haven’t had red meat in six days and it’s only just now affecting me; it’s not forbidden but I see no reason to have red meat until this flareup goes away. Poultry is okay, fish (some fish anyway, because they have purines too) is okay. I like beans and have alternate sources of protein. But really? More veg will help on so many levels. Some friends have offered great ideas that they’ve used to get their kids to eat vegetables; at least I can articulate “that’s too slimy” or “the smell is off-putting” and sort of try new things accordingly. But I still feel silly for not having eaten better up until now.

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