Wii to the RSScue

I have been seeking a Wii since launch; didn’t line up, didn’t preorder. Figured if I was patient they would eventually come into stock and maybe one younger kid would have happier holiday since I hadn’t bought the one they wanted more. But after Christmas I set up an RSS reader on my desktop with links to XPBargains and RevolutionTracker, both of which reported on e-tailer stock as it got refilled. This is the first time I’ve used RSS for anything so it was kinda fun. Luckily, I happened to look at it at around quarter after 9 this morning to find that Amazon had some in stock. Vanilla units, too. No bundle, no ripoffs, and no shipping because I’m a member of Amazon Prime.

Assuming they’re really in stock and my order does not become instantly backordered, I should have it Thursdsay…when I’m away on business. Heh. Patience, grasshopper.

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