Think like a SINK

So we’ve had a few days to deal with it. Kat crunched the numbers and says we’ll be okay as long as we’re smart. She’s already picked up some freelance work, which isn’t tons of income but hey, anything’s good and it will only expand her portfolio. Not that it’s not already huge, but it’s always good to have fresh samples–as the saying goes in the magazine biz, you’re only as good as your last article.

Our lifestyle is not so extravagant that this will ruin us. Our luxuries are mild, and our budget can sustain subscriptions to Netflix and World of Warcraft–those are the two main sources of our entertainment. We’re homebodies with no chemical dependencies (unless instant iced tea counts) nor do we go out to expensive clubs (unless the bowling alley’s karaoke night counts). Kat’s on a new weight loss program so eating out a lot is no longer a factor (but making sure we have money for the healthy, on-program food is). But to be safe, we cancelled Sirius, which we weren’t listening to anyway–that’s $15/month back. I pulled my meager $40 out of the online poker sites since there’s no need to keep it in there anyway what with the new law. Kat’s going to hit eBay like a demon and get rid of a bunch of stuff we’ve been meaning to get rid of, which will both reduce clutter and get some cash in. In many ways I guess it will be business as usual, just without impulse buys.

I’d prefer to just be in lockdown mode. I’ve gotten used to living the life of a DINK–double income, no kids–but I have no real problems going cold turkey either. Builds better habits.

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