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New Palette-Swap Ninja track posted

Yay. After, like, five months of procrastinating, I finally finished my parts on the second Palette-Swap Ninja track, “Three Red Lights.” (Jude did his stuff back in April!) The guitars, quite frankly, scared me, and the bass is low in … Continue reading

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JJ Abrams’ new movie

I haven’t seen Transformers but there’s apparently a very cryptic trailer advertising a new unnamed movie, produced by JJ Abrams, and it’s rockin’ geeks’ socks off. The movie is unnamed, the cast is a bunch of barely-knowns, and the full … Continue reading

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A real American hero

Say the word “genius” and there are only three people who immediately come to mind as worthy of the title. Two are British and dead: Douglas Adams and John Lennon. (One of my favorite Lennon quotes: “When I was 12, … Continue reading

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Foldin’, foldin’, foldin’…keep them wagons foldin’

I hate folding laundry, but I love folding proteins. For a while now I’ve been taking part in the Folding@Home project that Stanford runs. It’s similar to the SETI@Home distributed computing project, but it has a more immediately practical application. … Continue reading

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Cucumber Pepsi

Courtesy of my friend Yoshi in Japan, here’s a soda I don’t want to try.

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Geeks vs. nerds: I was right!

Kimzey recently asked me the difference between a geek and a nerd. I answered with the same phrase I coined years ago: “Geeks are self-aware nerds.” I have always reasoned that nerds aren’t aware that they are social lepers; geeks … Continue reading

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We have a winner

Yes. After so many years of searching and I’m totally not kidding, I finally found a worthy draft cola. It’s not as strongly vanilla flavored as Royal Crown Premium Draft Cola (or is it? I don’t know, it’s been 12 … Continue reading

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Jessica Rabbit…gone?!

My…appreciation (which is the kindest possible word I can find for it) for Jessica Rabbit is well known by my inner circle. (I’m a sucker for redheads…and teh b00bs.) But, in researching some vacation options, I just found out that … Continue reading

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