New Palette-Swap Ninja track posted

Yay. After, like, five months of procrastinating, I finally finished my parts on the second Palette-Swap Ninja track, “Three Red Lights.” (Jude did his stuff back in April!) The guitars, quite frankly, scared me, and the bass is low in the mix because I suck at playing triplets with my fingers. But I got over it, and I’m pretty happy with the results (but I’m not telling you where you can find all the mistakes that I still hear). That’s my trusty Strat on most of the parts, with the freshly-set-up Variax 500 on the slide guitar and I played Kat’s P-bass for the down low bits.

Better still, Microsoft took big steps toward fixing the problem that the song is about (for the uninformed, when the Xbox 360 malfunctions, as it has for many people, it shows three red lights as an error code.) So the song’s a little less relevant, but good news is still good news. May we see far fewer photos like this in the future:

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